I don't know if I talk too much about my and Mark's mom, who are both angel grannies but when I fetched Ben from school on Wednesday his teacher mentioned he had been talking about his granny who had died, and he seemed quite upset about it.

When we got in the car I asked him if he misses granny to which he answered yes, and then he asked if I wanted to play "I spy"?

To be honest I'd rather talk about death than playing "I spy" with a phonetically challenged child who has us guessing things like:

I spy 'in' my little eye something beginning with an "a"!

And we try everything; apple ant umbrella ape apeman alien aerial…

Only to be told it's 'a' for 'eina'!

Back to death. We stop and fetch Emma and in the car we hear a song that my mom loved. "Ah this was granny's favorite song!" I say.

"Yup" says Emma "and granny Dawn liked "I can see clearly now".

Out of the blue. Emma asks me what missing my mom feels like? "I feel empty, like there's a big hole in my tummy."

"Like a donut?" says Ben.

"Exactly like a donut Ben. Exactly like that!"

After a little while Emma says "Well if granny is an angel and she's all around us
maybe she's the icing and sprinkles on it."

In loving memory of Sally Louise
Always the icing and sprinkles on my donut xxx

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