I'm not sure if you've noticed it or if it's just me but social media platforms, like Fakebook, seem to have led to fake friends and friendships.

I suppose that's a little unfair because some people have become really good friends, despite us never having met and it's tricky when you're a 'part' of someone's life albeit virtually – you kind of feel as though your bound by something, even if it is just gigs gigs or fiber.

I remember growing up and best friends were exactly that. Throughout school, into adulthood and if you were really lucky, through marriage, divorce, babies and everything else life throws at you.

Maybe you hung onto friends because you interacted face to face. Fights or disagreements were had in real time, as was making up and if the damage was irreparable you went your separate ways…but you knew where you stood.

Nowadays in our social worlds we unfollow, unfriend or block people when we no longer want them in our lives. There is no explanation, no reason and if there is, chances are you're not actually told. Instead other FB friends are told which leads to them no longer taking to you either.

I've even noticed it with Emma's friendships. At first I thought it was just me but today Mark also mentioned it so I know it's not. In her year and a half at her new school she's had a handful of steady friends but her 'besties' have come and gone! One day they're all over each other, then there's a play date and BOOM next time they see each other Emma is completely ignored. Like completely! The best friend from the week before doesn't even acknowledge her…or Mark and I, the same people they nagged non-stop for a month for the play date.

Are we influencing the way our children interact and view friendships. Are we teaching them that friends and friendships have very little value and are completely disposable?

It's gotten to the point where I'm wondering if there's something wrong with Emma or if there's something wrong with us as a family. Over time I've come to understand that friends come and go but it's not how I want Emma and Ben to think.

Have you experienced the same with your children?


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