We’ve been away, which you wouldn’t have guessed because there isn’t too much evidence of it. There aren’t too many Instagram posts or Facebook updates and I haven’t tweeted, which begs the question, if there’s no social media evidence of it did it in fact happen?

But I digress. While we were away Emma and I took a walk along the beach to collect shells. It’s something I love doing, and Emma loved doing it with her granny. So there we were, the two of us, chatting and looking, looking and chatting.

I asked if she remembered how she and her granny would look for shells and hermit crabs, and she asked me which granny. “Dad’s mom. Knysna granny!” I said. Reminding her we hadn’t taken any holidays with my mom.

“Oh ja,” she says. “Remember we were supposed to visit granny [my mom] and swim in her pool and have a picnic?”


“But we never did ‘cos you said the traffic is always too busy or that it’s too far to go for just a swim…”


“But now she’s in heaven going to her house would have been a lot closer, hey mom?”





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