The title is misleading because while it reads ‘moms should run the world’ I believe women in all shapes, sizes or forms would do the job brilliantly but for now I feel like moms, especially me, could run an organization, or country, more effectively than any man.

Last night while we were having supper Emma accidentally bit down on a loose tooth and groaned a little as to how sore it was. A few minutes later she goes to the bathroom and Ben and I carry on eating. 

Next thing I hear “mom I’ve got the biggest surprise ever!” Dear baby Jesus and Bloody Mary don’t tell me she’s started menstruating already I think to myself! She comes running through, blood on fingers and aforementioned loose tooth in hand. “Double you, tea, eff!” I exclaim! “How did that happen? Was your tooth THAT loose?”

After much excitement and Ben telling her to pull more out so she can cash in from the tooth fairy we Skype, or as Ben calls it ‘skydive’, Mark and the topic is mainly around Emma’s tooth and that Ben really shouldn’t moon his dad, aunt, uncle and cousins whilst skyping.

And then I remembered the last R10 and R20 I had on my person was given to our gardener for transport (he usually comes in on a Thursday but thought Sunday would be as good a day as any). I also couldn’t leave the house to draw money, leaving  the kids at home alone, or them coming along and possibly one of them realizing something was up. I messaged my ‘village friend’ aka neighbour but her phone was off for the night! What to do? What to do! 

Everyone knows this in a corporate environment would be referred to as crisis management, where quick thinking and proactiveness is essential. I watched as Emma placed her tooth under her pillow, read a bedtime story and watched them fall asleep, having to shush them every so often as they discussed how and where the tooth fairy gets in the house, and if she’s so small how does she carry all that money? 

As soon as they were asleep I grabbed a pencil and paper, and some glitter because glitter makes everything better, and penned a letter to Emma which went along the lines of:

Dear Emma

Well now, isn’t this a surprise? I really wasn’t expecting your tooth to come out so soon and at the moment I’m on holiday. I checked in with the tooth mouse to see if he could help but he’s apparently also sunning it up somewhere.

Talking of being away, i know your dad’s in England at the moment too and I figured you would probably want to show him the tooth, especially that it’s one of your last baby teeth. So this is plan. I’m leaving your tooth with you so dad can see it when he’s back. Keep it nice and safe until then. (Oh, and I’ll be back from my vacay around the same time.)

In the meantime this letter is almost like an IOU, as in I owe you R20! Keep the letter and tooth safe and I’ll see you soon!

Yours in fairy dust 


XOXOXO glitter glitter XOXOXO

Emma was thrilled with her letter. Ben didn’t question (yet) how it had arrived if the TF is supposed to be on holiday. Neither noticed (yet) that the tooth fairy’s handwriting looked remarkably like mine and they both loved how considerate she was for thinking that dad might like to have seen the tooth before it was taken away…

And this, dear reader, is why women should run the world! 


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