There’s a little something that my mum would probably kill me for sharing with you, but she also loved my habit of over sharing information, so here goes.

I’m doing the decor for a stand at a big trade show tomorrow and the theme is that of an old fashion bakery so I popped out to my favourite salvage store to see if I’d able to find a few things. That’s today.

Rewind to the day my mum had her surgery. Actually, we need to rewind even further back. I can’t remember if it was while she was pregnant with me or my older brother, but due to a calcium deficiency my mom lost all her teeth, and ended up the proud owner of dentures. For a long time I was petrified of her dentures. Remember that tv show with the rabbit? I think it was Oscar and his nemesis was Knersis. That show gave my mom’s teeth a life and personality of their own, and I often imagined her hanging her teeth up at the end of the day.

The day she was going in for her op, her teeth were in a glass on the table next to her bed (please forgive me mom for sharing this) and she was so pissed off with the nurse who had put them there. I joked with my mom and said that I was just about to take a big glug of water but thankfully I saw her teeth. She asked me to move them to a less conspicuous place, which i did. But before I left I reminded her where I had put them and I also told the sister on duty.

After she died I was packing her things up I found sets of false teeth everywhere. In jewelry boxes, in knitting baskets, in old shoe boxes, everywhere. In fact, there were so many dentures in so many places I actually mentioned it to Mark plus another friend or two.

Fast forward to today. So at the second-hand shop and salvage yard I was looking for bits and pieces to put together a look for an old fashioned bakery. I was looking at things eye level; old mixers, baking trays, etc and then I bent down to look at the old jars and containers, and in one was a pair of…you guessed it. Teeth. I did take a closer look and they weren’t the real ones, I don’t think. They looked more like the hillbilly ones you buy at dress up or party stores, but there in amongst baking items and other trinkets were dentures.

I miss my mom so badly, and contrary to how I thought it would be, I miss her more today than a week or a month ago. It’s more definite now, if you know what I mean. The reality has sent it. She’s not coming back but I think, and I hope, in her own way, she’s leaving me little signs, letting me know she’s close by and looking after me.


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