When someone you love goes away, passes on, passes away, dies, kicks the bucket, however you put it, you look for signs. All. The. Time.

You look out for signs to know they’re nearby. That they’re around and looking out for you, or listening to you.

So, this morning, as I was leaving home to pack more of my mom’s things I up, I sat in the car and to myself, said “mom let me know you’re ok with this. Let me know I’m not getting rid of your things too soon.”

And then I thought a good sign would be a song on a radio, like David Essex or Neil Diamond. Or even a song from Dirty Dancin’. That was my mom and my favourite movie, and we dragged my dad off to see it about 10 times, with me declaring to him “that it’ll be a classic one day! Like Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers!” I remember him rolling his eyes and saying “nothing will ever be like Feed and Ginger!”

As far as the DD soundtrack went, I was hoping to hear an a obvious one like “I’ve had the time of my life”or “hungry eyes”. A song I’d recognize immediately. Driving along I started listening to 947 but thought there’s no way they’d be playing classics this morning, so I switched over to Hot FM. Getting closer and closer to the south of jhb I started losing signal and the station would go all fuzzy and then kind of auto tune into the next channel, which happened to be an ALS (or African Language station) but I could still hear Hot FM, faintly in the fuzziness. 

And guess what I heard? “She’s like the wind”! I shit you not. And as I thought about it, it was the perfect song with the perfect title. 

It may be an absolute coincidence but like I say, when someone you love is no longer with you, you look for signs…


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