Emma’s school is small. It’s more like an extended family for us and we often get updates throughout the day of what they’ve been up to, what they learnt or experienced. Like last week, on our whatsapp group we were sent pictures of a fish being dissected and a message:

this week in biology we dissected a fish (I’m sparing you the gory pics), learned the names and functions of all its body parts, found babies in its tummy and learned that toothpaste is the only thing helps your hands smell better afterwards      

And we had a few photos

So when I collected Emma that afternoon and asked how her day was I was expecting an animated monologue of stinky hands, how toothpaste makes hands smell fresh, baby fish and barf sounds. The  whole kaboodle. But all I got was “good”. Did you learn lots of new things? “yes”.

I remember reading an article about the types of questions to ask your child to get a conversation going and so did a quick ‘ask the google’ and found this helpful article

Below are some focused attempts at getting your child to share their day with you, as opposed to grunts and groans

Primary Montessori: (ages 3-5)

What is something that went really well today?

What is something that was challenging today?

What was really fun today?

What new thing did you try today?

How did you help a friend today? …How do you think they felt after you helped?

How did you take care of your classroom today?… What if no one helped take care of the classroom?

Did you read a book today? What was it about?

How are you feeling right now? …What else?….What else?…What else?

Did you need help with something today? How did you solve it?

What did you eat for snack/lunch? Was anything particularly delicious?

5 bonus questions for Elementary (6-9)

What project are you working on now? 

How do you feel about your progress? (reflection, evaluation)

How were you kind to your classmates today? (reflection, evaluation, empathy)

Tell me an amazing thing you learned today. Is it a fact or an opinion? (application, reflection)

Is there something that you said or did that you would take back now? What would you do instead? (empathy, evaluation, problem solving)

How is your guide / directress feeling today? (encourages conversation, listening, and empathy)


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