I can’t sleep. I’ve been wrapping some presents for Emma because she turns  is seven! Where has the time gone Emma? How did I go from lying with you on my chest to now lying in your arms? Where have the minutes gone, where I’ve sat listening to ‘incy wincy spider’ to now hearing about your day at school, listening to you talk about ‘when you were younger’?

My heart aches for the little soul who needed me just a little while ago, but it beats with excitement as I think about all you are going to do, see, achieve, experience.

You are everything I wished for myself to be. You are brave and funny and smart. You love people, and people love you. You are sensitive and kind and aware and empathetic. You know when to talk and when to give a big Emma squeeze. You ‘get’ people on a very different level. You are curious and I swear your memory is like that of an elephant. You dance like no one is watching, sing like no one is listening and your imaginary friends are as hilarious as you.

As a seven year old you can be moody and over sensitive. You want attention but don’t always know how to ask for it. You get angry quickly and can be as stubborn as all hell me, and I shudder to think about you in your teenage years.

Emma, you are my prayer answered. You are my proof that miracles do happen and that angels walk among us. You are my reason for trying to do better, be better, to just be. I am who I am because of you. Because of your love and patience I am a better version of myself.

Happy birthday my baby girl xxx

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