A couple of days before my 44th birthday I figure I’ve earned the right to sprinkle a few words of wisdom around.  

Chatting to a friend recently they said that even though their youth was misspent they have absolutely no regrets. Which got me thinking about my life, and even though I’m happyish with where I am and what I’ve done, I do have regrets. Not necessarily major ones at the time,but enough that could have changed the entire direction of my life and that’s major. 

So this is my manifesto. For my daughter. For my son (should any apply) and for life. 

  • Your hands and décolletage really are the first to show your age (your public hairs too but they’re less visible so it’s not as big of a problem). Take care of them
  •  Smile a lot. You don’t want a resting bitch face when you’re older 
  • Don’t count on one day to make your life complete, be it your matric dance, wedding day or the day you become a parent. A good life is made up of moments, lots of them, like the smell of a puppy, meeting someone who just gets you, unplanned road trips and outings, freshly popped popcorn, that first cup of coffee in the morning, hearing someone say they love you
  • Be adventurous. At least with your hair
  • Talking of which. Go platinum blonde once in your life
  • Never let anyone rob you of your sparkle, your joy or your precious time
  • It’s ok to turn into your parent. They raised you so they can’t be all bad
  • Don’t destroy someone else’s dream
  • Always stand up for what you believe in. But make sure what you believe in is fair and just
  • Some things are never acceptable. Being a bully, self importance and camel toes 
  • Find your passion and follow it. Live it, breathe it, let it be what defines you. A job or a title never will
  • Visit a nudist beach. Go topless. Go bottomless if the mood takes you but always wear sunblock
  • Get out of your comfort zone
  • Go traveling alone
  • Say ‘no’ less often. Unless a creepy stranger is offering you a ride
  • Be kind to everyone. Unconditionally 
  • Support a charity 
  • Be the proud owner of a kinky little sex toy
  • Ask for help and accept it when it’s offered
  • Stay away from pointless things, like decaf coffee and diet chocolate
  • Don’t start smoking
  • It’s ok to think of your kid as an asshole sometimes 
  • Material things don’t matter in the greater (or smaller) scheme of things 
  • No one is responsible for your happiness, success or failure 
  • Always hit the dance floor
  • Do karaoke once in your life
  • Own at least one power tool
  • Love hard enough to know what a broken heart feels like 
  • Pay compliments freely
  • Accept that it’s ok to not think of your children or partner as your greatest accomplishment 
  • Never become part of the furniture. At a job, in a relationship  
  • Rescue a pet from a shelter 
  • Your mind is your strongest weapon. It can be your best friend or your worst foe
  • Never judge what you don’t know. Better still, never judge
  • Throw a party just because
  • Live YOUR best life so that you never look back with regrets 

If my list doesn’t appeal to you the one below should    


What would your words of wisdom be? Feel free to add to the list and share it…


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