I consider Mark and my relationship to be fairly healthy. We have great times, with a few crappy ones thrown in in between. We laugh together, share a lot of the same values, and where he might be a little pessimistic I make up for it with my ‘Que Sera’ attitude. He’s a neat freak and I’m more of a ‘as long as there’s nothing moving or living under it it can stay there’ kinda girl. If I were tequila, he’d be the lemon or if he were the ice cream I’d be the bar one sauce. 

And I’d like to think we’re raising Emma and Ben with a realistic view of what happens in a relationship. We disagree and we make up. We don’t scream and shout at one another, and a rule carved in stone is that we are never ever allowed to call each other X-rated names during an argument. They know we love one another and that we treat each other with respect. And one day, I hope, Emma looks for the attributes in a partner that her dad displayed towards me and the same goes for Ben. My wish is that he loves his future partner and treats her (or him) with love and respect. 

BB (before Ben) Mark and Emma would do day outs. It would be quality time for them to bond (and for me to breathe). Because  she was still in ‘small’ school, it usually happened on a Friday, and it would include a fun outing and a lunch. But then Ben arrived, and our world was turned upside down. And as much as the spirit was willing the opportunities became fewer and fewer. 

So imagine the excitement when an invitation came through for a dad and daughter night out at Kong at Cedar Square, it was the perfect opportunity for Emma and Mark to enjoy some quality time together. 

While Ben and I munched on a rather less than delicious dinner, they were treated to a 5 course menu, with food that was out of this world. Mark got to enjoy the majority of it as it was a little too rich for Emma’s unsophisticated palette (which I raised with Kong’s PR person and she told me they were already relooking the menu to make it more kid friendly) but that definitely didn’t put a damper on the evening.   


From the time Mark got a phone call confirming their table and VIP parking spot in the afternoon, to the virgin daiquiri they enjoyed and her corsage, it was an evening neither of them will forget. 

Emma loved her one on one time with her dad and the fact that the staff and manager made SUCH a fuss of her. She was, without a doubt, daddy’s princess for the night!  


Mark and Emma’s dinner was complimentary, and even though I asked for a doggy bag I didn’t get one. Mark paid a gratuity for the service and an awesome evening out with old Smiley (seen in the picture above) 


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