As I sit here, on the eve of Emma’s GradYOUation ceremony, there’s a feeling of nostalgia, a little bit of sadness and whole lot of excitement. 

Tomorrow is my baby’s last day at the school she’s come to know as her second home. Singing Forest Montessori started out small, a few kiddies in Heather, the principal’s garden. I remember tapping at her gate one afternoon, to ask about fees, structure, availability, etc. From day one we were made to feel at home. We asked if Emma could maybe join the kiddies during their playtime for an hour or so, during the week. We wanted her to be comfortable in her new surroundings and felt this would be a good intro. So from 14 months old, or thereabouts, Emma had been a learner at Singing Forest. Next year she goes to Chartwell House Eco Montessori and I am SO excited. And sad. And scared. And excited! 
As I hit my twilight years (very dramatic I know), Emma’s adventure is about to begin. And she’s in the perfect environment where SHE will be nurtured. Her soul will be fed and she will be allowed to become the very best person she can be. 
All that Emma is today is a result of her time with Heather and her team. She is smart and funny and brave. She oozes confidence and love but isn’t a pushover. She knows what she likes and doesn’t and what she wants and doesn’t. She can be precocious at times but she is always polite and well mannered.
Emma isn’t the cleverest kid in the class but she’s well rounded. She likes counting and maths but she also loves drawing and reading. She loves to sing and dance and she loves making up her own songs. 
She’s kind and caring. And she shows compassion and empathy to those around her. If she sees I’m not well or hurting she immediately asks if survival help with anything. A while back Mark came home from hockey with an injury. Emma was so concerned. She got a plaster, dettol and a cotton ball. The first thing she did the next morning was ask her dad how his sore was feeling. 
Her whole life lies ahead of her, and the world, literally, is her oyster. To ‘schuck’ as she chooses! And whatever she does down the line, her foundation will stand her in good stead. I don’t think Emma will save lives but she will definitely change them. No one will leave untouched by her kindness and bubbly personality. Everyone who is lucky enough to meet Emma will feel loved, they will feel special. They will walk away richer.
Heather, we’ve watched Emma go from a gurgling little bundle to an almost seven year old who can name of all the planets, in order,  and who writes me little love notes. Thank you for letting her be. Thank you for encouraging her to be. I can’t wait to see how she becomes!

One thought on “GradYOUation

  1. Well done to you mom, and Heather and mostly Emma! The most important part of course is the empathy and caring – that will bring her very far in life. Congratulations

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