As someone who has always battled with weight and food I was devastated when Emma, my six year old, said to me “mommy I don’t look fat in clothes, only in a costume!”

My heart broke and all the horrible memories and comments ever made about my weight came flooding back. I asked why she would think that, let alone say it and she said someone from school had told her. “Emma, my gorgeous, beautiful child you are not fat!” I answered. “And the next time someone says that, punch them!” She looked at me horrified. “You say we’re not allowed to hit people mama!” “Yup. I do. But in this case I’ll make an exception.” 
The person she punches will be sore for 5, maybe 10 minutes. The hurt and damage caused to my child will be long lasting and will forever change the way she sees herself and the way she values herself. 
The very next day I bought the cookbook ‘Raising Superheroes’. I also looked at ‘The Real Meal Revolution’ but it was too ‘adulty’ for me. And right now I didn’t want too much of a LCHF eating plan for her. Also, there’s no way I can monitor everything she puts in her mouth when I’m not around so I’m trying to find a balance and allow for a few slips along the way. 
So we’ve had the book three days now and the first night I made a cauliflower mac ‘n cheese. 

Ben and Mark wolfed it down. Emma would only eat it with tomato sauce, but hey, I’ll take it. 
I’ve also made these 

A frozen yogurt raspberry ripple swirl.
So easy, tasty and healthy. 
Let me assure you I’m more of a Betty Cockup in the kitchen and not all my attempts have been successful. I tried making mayonnaise and all three taste testers told me it was awful. The comments went something like this: 
Mark- F*cking hell that’s horrible 
Emma – mom what the heck is that stuff?
Ben – mom can I use the ointment for my sore? 

And the coconut battered chicken and sweet potato chips that were going to be served with my homemade ‘ointment’ was a disaster. BUT it was eaten. With shop bought mayo. 

Last night’s dinner was crust-less mini quiches with ham and cheese, some coleslaw and a green salad. And once again, there was nothing left.

Now it could be all in my imagination and me hoping for it, but for the last three nights Emma hasn’t said she’s hungry an hour or so after dinner. She hasn’t asked for seconds and thirds and fourths. Also, and again I might be imagining it, her toilet visits are more regular and her tummy isn’t looking as bloated. 

And. Yes, another And. I’m eating dinner too. The meals are delicious. You don’t feel like you’re on a diet (the worst swear word in the world as far as I’m concerned) and I’m starting to send Emma healthier messages about food. 

Tonight I’m doing chicken drumsticks. Always a winner in our house. But with sweet potato crisps and a tasty dip. 

3 thoughts on “Raising a Superhero

  1. Ah hun, so proud of you! Yes, some of these are hit and miss. I have not found a homemade mayo recipe that I have liked. They all taste horrible. I do have a lovely mayo that I buy from a local banting shop which is awesome! Also, have a look at my blog, there are loads of tried and tested recipes on there.

  2. I am toying with trying the same book – my kids are all 3 very skinny but hubby and I can do with less weight. And I do believe that maybe my 10 year old very active child may do better energy wise on it

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