If you read my post about Emma’s ordeal at a kiddies hair salon recently you’ll understand the reason for this post.

As a mom raising a girl with very different hair to mine it’s my responsibility to learn how to care for it and to teach Emma how to love it and look after it. I, unlike the ladies who work at this salon, don’t believe that beauty equals pain and even without having ethnic hair, I understand the damage that relaxing, (rough) brushing and tight hairstyles do. 
The moment I got home from that place I contacted Taryn Gill at The Perfect Hair, explained the situation and asked her to recommend products for Emma’s hair. With all the gentleness in the world she went through the hair care routine and two days later the product arrived. It would have been sooner but I ordered it at about 4pm.

I couldn’t wait to get my Caucasian hands on it and into Emma’s hair. That night I washed (twice) with the Cowash (shampoo and conditioner), which, because it’s all natural products, doesn’t froth and foam, irritate or burn. By the second wash I was able to put my fingers through her hair, without Emma even flinching. 
I patted her hair slightly, and then we got on the couch for some hair TLC time. I slowly worked the Style and Define through her curls, using only my fingers and as I was doing it I allowed her to put some in too. Like Taryn had said, Emma needs to love and enjoy her hair, and not associate it with pain and terror. 
The next morning I sprayed some water on and we spent time putting more of the Style and Define in her hair. By day 2 Emma’s hair looked shiny and curly and defined. 

I’ve since learned that Emma has 4C hair,  which needs a lot of moisture. So every morning and evening I spray her hair with a mixture of water, olive and coconut oil. And then put the Kinky Coil cream on. I also learnt how to do the two twist for night time and am currently looking for a silk bonnet or pillow case. 
I no longer feel awful about Emma’s hair, and we’re both loving the ‘mom and daughter’ time in the evenings and mornings. Last night she fell asleep while I played with her hair. And I find myself touching her hair throughout the day.
I’ve even noticed her playing with it, which she never used to do. 
The Perfect Hair has a product for every type and speaking to Taryn, you can feel her passion for natural hair care. The products I purchased (yes, purchased. This isn’t a sponsored post) were very affordable – R240 for both products and worth every cent. They also stock As I Am, Mixed Chicks, KeraCare, Carols Daughter and Shea Moisture.
Their website address is http://www.theperfecthair.co.za. Do yourself a favour and check them out 

5 thoughts on “Crazybeautifulblack Hair

  1. My daughter has the same hair as Emma. I battled at the beginning, but then I found this website called Chocolate Hair Vanilla Care, and I learnt a lot. I found a Tangle Teezer hairbrush, it was much better than a comb. I tried a lot of products, but then I read about coconut oil on Twitter, where I follow some local natural hair guru's, so now I use that. I keep her hair in plaits or twists most of the time to protect it, as it is quite long and she does not want to cut it. In short, it does not have to hurt so much, and you don't need to use relaxers etc. Of course, there is still a fair amount of screaming when I catch a tangle, but overall it is not a painful experience. I am so grateful there is such a lot of information out there now, and so many people willing to teach and help, because I want her to love her hair.

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