The school holidays are upon us and if yesterday was anything to go by, I’m going to end up in an asylum (again) come September.

Besides the ‘kids will be kids’ moments, like tossing a 1kg of glitter everywhere, including on the dog, we also had a lot of emotional outbursts. About nothing. But about everything. 
Here’s my list of what made my kids cry yesterday (and any other day really):
We used Emma’s instead of Ben’s bubble bath. Ben cried 
I washed the kids and touched Ben’s ‘privacy’
Emma got out the bath first
I didn’t let Ben eat his breakfast, lunch or supper using the dog brush as a utensil
Diego wasn’t on TV when Ben wanted it on TV
I didn’t buy him a real axe
I didn’t let him use the lawnmower. On his own 
His favorite biscuits were finished. By him
Emma cried because she wanted to go out. Ben cried because he didn’t want to go to the place we went 
I wouldn’t let him spray paint the washing on the line 
I wouldn’t let him spray paint my hair 
I wouldn’t let them go set up a function with me
Because our few days away is a few days away and Ben wants to go NOW
I wouldn’t let Ben really cut my hair. With real scissors 
I didn’t buy him pocket money
He asked me to close the cupboard door while he was in it. I said no
I did close the cupboard door while he was in it and he cried because it was too dark
What made your children cry today?

2 thoughts on “What made your kids cry today?

  1. Memories flooding back to me….. I know its very hard now but it will get easier. BTW even at 7 we still compensate for some things with L. BTW I do not think Ben is naughty – at all.

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