Dove soap is currently running a brilliant campaign, which I’ll be posting about soon but in the meantime I wanted to share this. I, as a woman, once a girl, have never had a very good self image. At one point I was fat, then fatter, then thin, then too thin and now, well now I just unhealthily starve myself most days, only to smash a woollies salted caramel in my mouth on others.

Sometimes I wish girls had the same self esteem as boys. A girl will complain about her hips, thighs, bum, stomach, flabby arms, her toosmalltoobigtoodroopytoonipplynotnipplyenough boobs, her nose, her eyes, her hair, her ears, her toes, her feet, her bigbonedness, her tiny frame, her skin, her moles, her ankles / kankles and calves. 
Men, well men just worry whether their dick’s big enough. 
To this day I will never ever forget a night out with girl friends while in varsity. I’m no oil painting. I wasn’t one then either but I’m also not Frankenstein’s bride, but this is something that’s stayed with me.
There were five or six of us and we were on our way to the loo. As we walked past  a group of guys, one commented how we were walking in a line from hottest to troll like. Guess who was at the back? That comment stung. It still does. And ironically it was the ugliest guy in the group making that comment. Somebody I wouldn’t have had the time of day for. 
On good days I maybe feel like I could have been 3rd or 4th in that line. On crap days I get why he said what he did. And now I find myself trying to raise a daughter who is confident and in love with who she is and what she looks like. 

ps if you get a chance check out Dove Legacy on YouTube. And share the shit out of it  

3 thoughts on “A preamble post to another post

  1. This campaign and the video touched me so deeply and make me think so hard. A is at the exact age where these things start to matter so much. Go read my post Melinda – and see how nasty the girls already are at 10

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