Yesterday I was chatting to a friend and was saying I was at my wits end with Emma and Ben. They don’t seem to take me seriously when I shout and at the moment I feel like a little bit of a doormat, with the commands and orders. 

I asked her if she ever gives her children a hiding and she said she only ever had to do it once. She has a wooden spoon, called Mr Wobbles, which if ever she even makes reference to, they stop what they’re doing and behave. 
So I thought I’d try it with Emma and Ben. I drew a sad face on a wooden spoon, because Mr Wobbles doesn’t like giving smacks, and introduced him to my children. I explained that in future, when talking has failed, he’ll come out and give them a smack on the bum. 
They asked if I’m being serious or ‘play-playing’. I said I’m as serious as the wood Mr Wobbles is made of. They asked me to demonstrate how hard the smacks would be but I said no, it’s only for when they misbehave.
I left them for a little bit while I got their baths ready, hoping the information would sink in, and the threat of a hiding would in itself change things.
When I went back to see what they were up to I realized I hadn’t introduced Mr Wobbles with enough conviction. 
Emma had turned a few of our spoons into Mr Wobbles’ and Ben asked if he could take him to school!


4 thoughts on “Mr Wobbles. Friend and Foe

  1. HahaHAAAA! I love your daughter!
    I feel your pain, though. My Jack is just like that and he's driving me crazy at the moment!

  2. Oh how funny! Put that in your pipe momma 😉 How did you respond? You are so not alone. I feel like i'm always screaming like a banshee and that I only get a response when I raise my decibel pitch to once that makes me hoarse!! Oh and the back chatting , don't get me started! I've also heard the wooden spoon work. I need to implement maybe….

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