Let’s pretend for a moment that you’re Aunty Gladys. How would you respond to this question from a reader?

Dear Aunty Gladys

Recently a friend of a friend of a long distance cousin who married a sister of mine invited other friends over for lunch and a swim. This friend of a friend has two boys. The other friend has girls. 

After swimming the kids decided they wanted a quick bath to warm up and so the mom went off to get one ready.

Everyone was chatting and enjoying themselves and the squeals of kids in the bath was a clear indication no one had drowned. One person went through to check on them and they came back smiling, saying how cute all four of them looked. The mom of the girls went in to have a look, but returned, not so smiley.

Out the corner of my eye I saw her pull the mom of the two boys aside and ask why they were all in the bath together. Naked. She kinda did a hissy snarly thing when she said the word ‘naked’. “They all wanted to take their costumes off?”saidasked the now nervous boy-mom.

“Our girls aren’t allowed to be naked with other kids. And especially not boys.  And definitely not naked and alone with them!” Again she kind of spat out the words ‘naked’, ‘alone’ and ‘boys’ if they were hurting her mouth. 

They left soon after and the mom of the two boys came to ask me if I would have a problem with mydaughter  bathing with boys(in the nude) at the age she is now. I wasn’t sure what to answer. I’m still unsure. 

What are your thoughts Aunty Gladys?

Yours sincerely
A never-nude?

9 thoughts on “When is it time to become a never-nude?

  1. Depends on ages. But yeah, I would NEVER ever make any child feel uncomfortable. Just talk about it some other time, preferably with the parents in privacy.

  2. I think it's quite dependent on the age. It shouldn't be a shameful weird thing, but I wouldn't want my girls bathing with other boys at any age older then 3. But maybe that's just me.

  3. It is an age thing but also I try avoid boys bathing with girls when I don't know the people. Close friends – we know where the boundaries are but people I don't know/new friends I do keep them seperate, not because I mind but because I don't want anyone in a situation they are uncomfortable with.

  4. No issue at all for me, yesterday had four kids in my bath, a brother and sister she 6 and 8, a girl age 6 and my son age 6. Those who chose took theiir cozzies off, they are children, some are p

  5. I don't think I could handle it, I have 3 girls under 5 and would freak out if they saw another boy nude-even if it was a relative. So to put them all in one bath together would make me feel very uncomfortable.

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