2014 sucked big hairy camel testicles.  Like huge gonads.  And when I wasn’t sucking the sacs of the aforementioned camel, I felt like I was being teabagged.

I felt like 2014 was the bully on the playground, with his little posse of bad news, bad happenings and bad decisions.

He seemed to jeer from the sides, watching, as I lost friends, collagen and the fight against gravity.

I turned a year older but can’t say wiser. Bad choices and decisions left me feeling low, lower than my gravity strained boobs. I felt like every moment was spent chasing money, people or time.

I fell out of friendships and fell into a few new  ones. I met and left people. I felt let down by them and I’m sure I disappointed some too.  Family showed a side in never knew existed and so did my five year old little girl.

I watched as friends experienced tragic losses and whispered ‘there but for the grace of God go I’.

2014 left me reeling with emotions. There were times I felt like a victim but I also came out of a few situations feeling like a survivor. I gave in to dark moments too easily, too quickly.

I have no idea what this new year has in store for me, and instead of new year resolutions I’m going to try make daily ones. To be a little kinder.  To be a little gentler. To be a lot stronger. To be fair. To be in the moment.  To appreciate the good and the bad. To love more. To worry less. To let go when I need to.  To hold on tight when I need to. To laugh big deep belly laughs. To say what I think and to know what I want. To not settle. To not compromise.

My wish for you. Is all of the above!


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