Let me start off by saying this is not a sponsored post. I was not paid in cash or fillings for the mentions. In fact it cost me money, but was so worth it.

I have awful teeth. I think I’ve said that before. At one stage (pre smoking) they looked ok, but they have never been strong, calcium rich gnashers. In fact, in my teens my dentist told me my teeth wouldn’t survive a pregnancy. They would either all fall out or would crumble and disintegrate and have to be pulled out.
Thank G-d that never happened!
Emma and Ben are lucky. They have gorgeous healthy little pearlers that actually go ‘ting’ when they grin. And I intend to keep it that way with regular visits to the dentist.
Emma has been to Candice Schwartz four times already. On Monday it was Ben’s first visit and he was a little superstar. I thought she would let him sit in the chair, play with all the different gadgets and get used to the strange environment. But he wanted his teeth polished and cleaned and he was ever so happy opening his mouth as wide as it would go.

She picked up that Emma has four wobbly teeth and that her back teeth (molars) would probably be out by her next visit. She would then put a protective sealant on them. She also picked up (by looking at her teeth) that Emma loves sweets, which is already affecting the condition and strength of her teeth. To help put calcium back in she gave us ‘tooth mousse’, a fairly expensive treatment which should last six months and, in the long run, save a small fortune. 
Candice also commented on Emma’s breath, which we’ve put down to not brushing properly, when in fact it’s thrush. She gave us a chewable probiotic that Emma needs to have three times a day and as well as a lozenge.
She showed Emma and Ben how to floss and recommended that we, the parents, brush at night (the most important one) and in the morning they do it themselves with a little bit of assistance from us. 
This isn’t a particularly well written post, nor is it funny or poignant or deep but it’s useful. Dentistry has come a long way since pliers and pulling and the sooner you get your kiddies to love their teeth, the better.
Candice can be found at Big Red Tooth on William Nicol, opposite Design Quarter. She is great with kiddies. And adults too. 
The contact number, should you want to make an appointment, is 087 351 8333

2 thoughts on “For teeth’s sake!

  1. It's nice to know that both Emma and Ben have positive results from their dental appointment. It seems that your kids are aware of the importance of their oral health. Kudos to you for teaching them how to take care of their teeth! I bet you're so proud of them. Thanks for sharing that, Melinda! All the best to you and your family!

    Jolanda Warren @ Buck Head Dentist

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