Granted I’m grumpy. We’re in the process of seeing which anti depressant is causing awful nightmares and skin irritations so it’s a bit of trial, some error, and a lot of meltdowns.

Granted that when I’m feeling this way I should avoid people. Which I do. Quite well. But I make the mistake of forgetting there are people inside my PC that send email after stupid email. And today one arrived at the wrong time.
The email started off with ‘hi there’ which means I’m one of a hundred bloggers who received it. It then continued with ‘please find a press release for our new gadget…it’d be great if you could write about it for us….it’s something loads of moms would like to know about’
I’ve pointed out my first issue with this mail. It’s generic. I’ve been in PR for 20 years and I never sent a ‘hi there’ mail. Never. 
Secondly you want me to review a product, an expensive product, based on your release? I don’t think so. Give me the product to try out. Let my kids play with it for a week or a month. Let me see if it does what your release claims it does. I want to see if after two weeks they’re bored of it, like the majority of their other gadgets or if a game of hide ‘n seek or ‘monster monster’ will achieve the same results. 
Let me write a review based on my and my children’s experience, on what I think. Not what you’d like me to think. 
Surely I retain my credibility this way, not cutting and pasting a release sent to your ‘hi there / mommy bloggers’ database. 
A storm in a teacup? Possibly. But I’m not going to recommend a product that I wouldn’t buy myself. Especially not an expensive one. And if you really want to feel the wrath of a possibly menopausalnotmedicatedenoughpsychomomfromhell you will send two to three follow up mails asking for the link to the post I was told to write. And then some more asking me when I’ll be writing the post. 
Like the breast feeding PR person. Who constantly sends me information on the how to’s and why I should breast feed. Have you ever read my blog? Have you noticed my kiddies are adopted? Have you ever read a post about me trying to breast feed them? 
Or the company that sent me food stuff for Emma. On receiving the items I mentioned to the PR person that Emma’s particularly fussy with food and I can’t guarantee she’ll like xxx. “Don’t worry” aforementioned PR says, “be honest!”
Well I was. Emma hated it, as I knew she would, and I said so. But I sent a whole lot of the goodies to the school and asked the teachers to get other childrens’ responses. Which I thought was fair. Some loved it. Some like it. And a few really didn’t enjoy it. Which I wrote in my review. Only to get a mail back from the “be honest” PR person saying that they would like me to remove the post and if, in future I was lucky enough to receive other products from them, they’d like to see my review before it’s published. They went on to say that they had me on a short list to be their brand ambassador but following this review I was no longer in the running. 
I don’t know, a different day, a different time, a different AD would have gotten a different response.  Maybe even a review. 
Nah. I doubt it.

4 thoughts on “The one about the email that really f@cked me off

  1. I am with you, I worked in a PR agency too and as much as I hated it I would have been reprimanded for a “Hi there” or if I did not match a product review. I am sounding like an old bag with my cranky old fashioned ethics( – not that you are old and cranky 😉 Just finding that self gratification and self interest, with no thought of others time seems to be the plan of action today.

  2. Reading this post has made me CRINGE! These so-called PR people should be ashamed of themselves – they give hard-working, diligent PRs a bad name. I work in PR and I too have never, ever sent a “hi there” email. Nor have I asked for retractions etc – that is where the REAL PR job comes in – take the feedback to the Client, suggest changes to improve the feedback etc. Good for you for being honest!

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