It’s not often I use a profanity as a title, nor do I regularly use punctuation marks in them but this time around I couldn’t help myself.

Why F@ck It All! you ask? Well,  in the last few days I have read an article based around self-soothing and how bad it is for babies. I’ve also read an article written by a UK nanny explaining how parenting is in crisis because we don’t let babies learn to self-soothe. We also don’t ‘discipline’ our children enough apparently. But ask 10 people what discipline means to them and you’ll get 10 very different answers, from beating the sh!t out of a child to a slight shake of the head and wag of the finger.

I’ve read / heard / seen the positive effects of the latest LCHF ‘diet’ and have also read  and heard how the very same eating plan is detrimental to ones health and should be avoided at all costs. I know of at least five pro banting people and another five anti banters (are they called banters?) and in all of this I’m still trying to figure out what banting is.

I don’t know. I just don’t get it. With Emma and Ben there was no such thing as self-soothing. Probably because I hadn’t read or heard about it. Emma happily lay in her bed chatting to herself (which she still does) and Ben was a screaming mess. The only way to get him to stop crying was to hold and rock him, and often that didn’t work. Have I messed up one and not the other? Emma nowadays loves falling asleep next to me. Ben doesn’t. He likes it but if you ask him if he wants to lie in his bed he says yes.

Years and years ago I lost weight with Weigh-Less. Nowadays I keep myself ‘in shape’ with an eating disorder. Works for me, if not for others (said with tongue in cheek before anyone jumps on the comment bandwagon). Because I don’t need to lose weight I have no idea of what the various eating plans are nowadays. And if there comes a time when I do need one, I’ll find one that works for me.

In a nutshell I suppose what I’m saying is ‘diet and let diet’, ‘parent and let parent’, ‘live and let live’.

We’re all just trying to make our way through this little adventure called life.


8 thoughts on “F@ckitall!

  1. That's it we are all just trying to figure out what works for us and our kids. And each kid is different and each parent is different and each situation is different and each dieter is different. I read a great post this morning, that said all you have to be is yourself. wouldn't it be great if we could all try to remind ourselves to just be ourselves and trust in who we are to get it as right as possible.

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