The last few weeks haven’t been my greatest. I’m short with people, snappier than usual and I guess, if I were brutally honest, really unpleasant to be around.

I’ve changed medication, I’m trying to eat, get more rest and ‘just keep swimming’. Cos right now that’s all I can do. I’m also trying to surround myself with positive people, friends who lift me when I need it, give me space when I need that and understand the deep dark hole I’m in. 
I’m also taking a break from (anti)social media. Twitter, Instagram and Facebook are full of shinyhappypeople. With perfect lives, families, jobs, spouses, kids and teeth. 
No one reveals their dark sides here. No one tells you that parenting can be the most soul destroying thing in the world. No one admits to wanting to smash their out of control kids’ heads against a wall. There aren’t too many admissions about financial stress and marital distress. And I’m tired. I’m tired of feeling inadequate looking at the endless selfies, reading about perfect lives. 
With ALL of this in mind, there’s a few lessons I’ve learnt that I want my children to know. Especially my daughter. 
With all the pressures in real time, there’s really no need to subject yourself to extra stress in your timeline. So here goes…
You are not the sum total of your followers, likes and retweets
A selfie does not a person make. Or validate. Emma you’re gorgeous inside and out, every second, every moment of the day. There’s no need to post pictures of yourself and wait for the comments and likes to flood in
Your 500 friends on Facebook aren’t actually friends. Your friends are those people who take the time to see you, are there when you need them (even when you don’t want them to be) and give you real hugs
Your real friends also know you beyond your Facebook status and 140 character tweets
To lose a follower on twitter isn’t the end of the world. Nor is a subtweet
Don’t get caught up capturing photos for Instagram. You’ll miss out on the real magic 
Tweet people like you’d like to be tweeted and treat them like you would in real life
If you’ve got nothing nice to say don’t say it on social platforms. And don’t put up with people who do 
Facebook is a great distraction. But so is a real book
Give you and your phone a time out occasionally and always love the one you’re having coffee with. Not the one in your phone
Life is made up of precious moments. Sometimes in the car, at a playground, while reading a book or having a chat. Not every moment has to be captured on Instagram to be special 
And so Emma, while we all need technology to stay in touch, it can often be the very reason we lose touch. 
As you get older and more techno savvy always stay savvy 

7 thoughts on “Anti Social Media

  1. As always Melinda – you hit the nail on the head. Live life to the full, never mind the rest. All those shiny happy people may not be. (And if you dwell into the special needs groups on Facebook where I am life certainly is not very shiny and happy)

  2. Love you my friend. I know that I CAN be one of those annoying ones, so I'm sorry. I always worry about you and spending Tuesday night with you, Tiffany and Georgina was the highlight of my week, after a trying weekend alone with the kids xxxxx

  3. I couldn't agree more! I am in the process of doing a huge social media cleanup, because I don't need to feel inferior because my life is not what everyone on facebook's looks like. Yesterday evening I handed out 3 smacks within an hour and all I wanted to do was go and twitter and bitch and moan. But quickly decided not to because of how I would be judged. I also have a million amazing photos that I cannot get myself to post because they have untidy house in the background. Its so sad that this is what its become. Social Media should be a place where you can express yourself completely but I'm more muted than anything else. Love you lady!

  4. Mel what you say here is so true and while I love being able to upload pics of my happy times and share about my happy life as much as the next person I also try keep it as real as I can. Cos sharing those pics and happy times also he
    Ps me get thru the shitty ones. It's good for me to be reminded that it IS good as well.

  5. So very true. I feel the same. Have more than 400 unread blogposts in my reader…and couldn't give a fig. I am also tired of the perfect unreal lives people so easily depict. Thank you for being real.

  6. This is really spot on – some people get far too obsessed with social media, and yes its addictive but we shouldn't put ourselves down if a family appear to have the perfect life. I much prefer reading blogs like this, when they're actually true!

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