When I met Mark a lifetime ago he had had his apartment decorated by a friend. It was all African print, darkish colours and hessian type curtains. I hated it. But walking into his home for the very first time I told him I thought it was stunning.

A year later we were married and choosing things for our new house together.  He immediately went for the African prints, the earth tones, dark cushions and statues. I said nothing as he packed the items into the trolley.  Inside I wept a little.  I’m more the french provencal kinda girl and love prettiness. This was definitely not the look I wanted but I would compromise.  A lot.

Over the years I’ve brought in touches of me with scatter cushions, linen and ornaments but the house has always kept the africaness because that’s what Mark likes.

Until I found out otherwise recently.

I was asked by the deputy editor of House & Leisure if they could feature me and my business in the magazine.  I immediately agreed and rushed home to tell Mark the good news. Then she asked me if they could do it at our house and the excitement came to a screeching halt.

“But why?” Asked Mark.

“Because I hate our house. ” I said.

“What? The house is decorated exactly how you wanted it!” Says slightly aghast husband.

“No it’s not. It’s decorated how you like it. ” I say.

“I don’t like this at all but you said you love it.” He says.

“When, pray tell, did I say I love it?” I ask.

“The first time you visited me at my townhouse.  You walked in and oooohed and aaaaaahed Bout the decor. ” Says Mark.

“I was being polite. I hated it!”

2014 will see some redecorating going on in Casa de la Connor. Not for H&L.  For me. For us.


9 thoughts on “On the importance of being honest

  1. WAAAAhahahahahahahahahaaa! Love it!
    We're long overdue for some redecorating, too, but have agreed to wait and make do with what we have for another year or two. The plan is to start building our dream home in a couple of years' time and then we get to do everything exactly the way we want to…

  2. Haha love this post! I can totally relate. I too hate African style decor. I love my xountrr but dislike dark colours in a home. I like french country style, white and blue. After my divorce my ex husband jas turned my former home into an African themed home

  3. This reminds me of an ex-fiance who confessed after we broke up that he hated cheese. We were at a restaurant, in the process of disentangling our lives, I suggested a cheese laden dish for him, thought we LOVED cheese. Turns out I loved cheese, and he had it because of me. But I put it in everything because I thought we both liked it! How do you eat cheese everyday for years when you don't like it?

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