Today, the day the nation buried her greatest son and the world paid tribute to a giant amongst men, I had my strangest encounter ever.

I had taken Ben and Emma to the toilet at old Nick Village in Plett.  Emma had already left the loo and I was showing Ben how to shake his willy to get the last bit of wee off (as one does when potty training is underway). While we were having this rather serious life lesson a woman was washing her hands at the basin.

She turned to me and asked if I had adopted ‘the Africans’? I said “yes”.

She then asked me if they were orphans and I answered that they were (and gave an inner side ward look).

And then the duzi came. She asked me what was going to happen when they grow up.  I asked what she meant. I genuinely didn’t know where she was going with the question.

“Well,” she asked “are they going to marry other Africans or white people? “

“Well,” I said “we’ll have to wait and see!”

sidenote I have tried several hundred times to take a pic of what my face looked like during and after this conversation but no amount of acting could portray the visible look of amusement on my face


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