Ben will be two in January and according to my friends he talks really well.  For a boy.  

Here are a few Benisms that keep me smiling and put a little skip in my step…
No matter what he’s doing if you ask him what he’s up to his standard, immediate and CAPS ON response is “nothing! I’m doing nothing! “
Like us, he calls Emma Ruth when he’s cross with her. When he’s been affectionate she is then Emma Dumbles
When he sees someone in the street or shop he says hello.  When we’re walking away he turns around and says “hamba kahle.  See you later”
If I’m giving him a ride on my shoulders he grabs two tufts of hair on either side of my head and screeches “run horsey!”

Ben loves our gardener Godfrey and calls him loudly and fondly ‘godfather’
Bedtime is as follows with him asking for “milk. Blanket. Dummy.  Doggy.” In that order. Then when we’re going upstairs he says “sleep you. Sleep you.” Once I’ve put him in his bed I get told “round the garden mommy. Piggies.  Tickle back”
You can never let loose with a burp or a fart cos Ben calls you out immediately with “Dad! Fart!” Or a “Emma! Burp!”

He’s petrified of thunder so when a storm is brewing he declares “thunderlightningscared!”

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