We’re in Knysna at the moment.  Besides been on holiday Mark had decided that he wanted to lay his mom to rest in a special in the garden at their new house.

Since his mom passed away Paul, his stepdad, has moved into a new house. Still on Thesen island, but a little smaller, a lot more manageable.

Mark’s mom was like the Mrs Doolittle of animals. There were always wagtails in the house, eating their grated cheese or nibbling at some snack she had left for them. More often than not we’d have to dodge chameleons walking along the carpet and Emma would spend a lot of evenings watching TV with a chameleon perched by her head.

Since moving to the new house there hasn’t been much animal activity.  Until today. We saw a chameleon.  Not a huge deal I know but…

Just yesterday Mark, Paul and I had a little ceremony at the house, laying Dawn’s ashes to rest. We dug a small hole in a special part of the garden with her favourite plants, rocks and flowers.  We wrapped the box her ashes are in in a bag, placed an angel to watch over her and a candle to light her way home alone with it.  Mark called his sister in the UK so she could be a part of it and then he sat and spoke to his mom.

He wished her a safe journey home, expressed his love, his appreciation and gratitude and the tears flowed. From all of us. He slowly covered up the hole, handful by handful of sand.

Today Paul was standing near the spot. He looked up and there just above his head, in a tree above Dawn’s resting place was a chameleon.


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