Remember the movie A Few Good Men? There’s that incredibly tense scene in the courtroom where the infamous speech is spat out by Jack The Eyebrow guy about not handling the truth.

Well this morning Emma and I had a bit of a “don’t ask if you can’t handle the truth” moment.

I was in the bathroom abluting and Emma,  as always, was hanging around, getting in the way.

I had put some sunblock on, and was basing my self and after about the third layer I realised there wouldn’t be enough foundation in the world to cover the pigmentation, age spots and wrinkles I quietly sighed to myself.

Emma immediately asked me what was wrong. I said “oh Emma I’m getting old. Emma’s looked tired and haggard. “

Silently I prayed that Emma would tell me that I look beautiful.  That I’m like a princess.  That there is no one quite like me.

Instead she said “yes mom. You look tired and really old. Like Chloe. “

Chloe is our 10 year old Jack you can’t  Russell.


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