Insecticides have warnings.  Shampoos for dogs and cats come with them too. Like ‘don’t wash bees with this shampoo’ and so do toys.  Warnings like ‘small parts. Swallowing hazard’ or ‘not for children under three’. Even the packets they’re packaged in come with foreseen accidents or death: ‘do not place over head. Death by suffocation might occur’.

However this particular toy, which Mark brought home today had no imminent danger notifications on it. Though it should have.

Emma and I were playing with it outside with great squeals of delight. From Emma as much as me. We threw it wide and high. We bounced the ball and caught it and threw it against the wall and chased after it.
But then I turned to fetch the ball and a scream of joy turned into a grotesque yelp (yell for help). When I turned back to see what was going on Emma had put the ‘catcher thing’ on her head, which of course had stuck like velcro.

Manufacturers of this toy, please place a suitable warning on this specific toy. ..


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