Emma’s school broke up today and we fetched her at 12pm. She was home by 12:05. On seeing his sister Ben squealed with delight.  At 12:06 they were fighting over something.

Clearly the tit who announced that this is the season to be jolly didn’t have children or was on heavy medication.

Tomorrow we leave for Knysna.  For a ‘break’. It’s a day and a bit in a car with two kids and just over 20 days on holiday without a baby sitter or home helper.  Pray tell, how is this a break? Explain to me where the relaxation is. I’m not taking my kindle or any books. I figure it’s a waste of time. Instead I’ll take up that space with over the counter calming tablets and a bag full of my S5 and over prescription  tablets. I’ll also leave space for a hip flask of gin and tonic and a dustbin bag full of cigarettes.

I will be googling kid friendly places as soon as we arrive at our destination. I can only pray there are one or two around.

My holiday budget has been set aside already.  Forget clothes or toys shopping. I’m getting a season card at the local bottle store…here’s to the holidays


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