I swear I’ve got the funniest kids ever! Ben is a complete character that keeps us in stitches most days. Not so much at 3am and Emma is turning out to be a little comedian. 

I often say that we might not have money but we’ve got loads of love and funny in our home. Emma’s four, going on 15 and she often comes up with some crackers. 
Like the other night. We were in the bath, having one of our chats. Emma says: “when I’m big mom I’m going to have lots of nail polish so I can paint my nails a different colour every day!” 
And I say: “ooooh that’ll be nice. You can have a different colour to suit your moods and your outfits!”
She then says: “when I’m big I’m going to cut my hair on my legs like you do. Then we can be the same same!” 
And I say: “you must wait til you’re bigger because once you start then you’ve got to keep doing it.”
And she says: “you don’t do it all the time!” pointing to my hairy legs.
After a while I get out the bath and she sits and watches me. I take a sanitary pad out the box, put it where it needs to go and Emma says…
“When I’m big I’ll also have plasters for my panties, hey mom!”

17 thoughts on “We ain’t got money but in our house we’ve got funny

  1. You seriously let your child, at 4 years old when they are putting any and everything in their mouths, bath with you while you're on your period? I can think of nothing more disgusting for that poor child you are abusing.

    And at 4 she should be bathing ALONE – letting kids bath with you is wrong on so many levels and you are exposing your kid to the idea that it is perfectly fine for adults and children to be naked together. Shame on you.

  2. Um. Anonymous. WTF? She's a four year old girl who loves her mom and wants to bath with her mom and is interested in her mom's going ons. There is NOTHING wrong with your very own child seeing you naked in a normal situation.

    Grow up.

  3. Hello Anonymous.

    Well well well, aren't you a lovely creature? If you're going to insult or shout at someone over the Internet, perhaps but on a brave face, and stick your name here.

    By the way, I'm C@th and I have a daughter like Melinda. I also bath with her. Yes, even when I have my period.

    So how about you go jump in an anonymous puddle? Thanks.

  4. Dear Anonymous,
    Wow! So much hatred there.
    I must be an abuser of note then. My oldest child is 6 and we still bath together, along with her 2 brothers and sister.
    You clearly have a very twisted mind. I like to think that my children are learning that we are all beautiful and that with us they are safe. Its not like we as parents, rent them out for baths with any random people.
    Not all parents are bad. I'm sorry that you don't see it for the beauty and joy that it is.
    And besides, bathing alone…clearly you do not have children or. You would understand how flawed that argument is.

    I think its beautiful and amazing that Emma wants to be like her mom when she's big. There is no greater compliment as a parent.

  5. I dont get what's so wrong here? My son is 4 and he baths with his dad every now and then, he ASKS to bath with him because they play with the bubbles and the toys and have more fun than when he baths alone.

    Yes, be concerned if this is happening to your child with a stranger, but as a parent, there is nothing wrong it it.

    As a FEMALE, our monthly's are completely natural, her little girl is 4, she is learning and growing and thats an important step. Also, did you know that once you are submerged in water that your flow actually stops? And what kid at 4 shoves things into their mouth? They stop teething at like 2.

  6. Hi Melinda

    I still bath with my almost 4 year old son, he's still young only starting to learn the difference between girls and boys. People need to start learning the difference between appropriate and inappropriate. We need to teach our children to be comfortable with themselves, we can hardly get him to keep his clothes on at home when he has certain friends here.

    Our children should know that it is inappropriate for an adult to touch them or look at them funny. Or to make them touch the adult inappropriately.

    But if we paid attention when our children were babies, we would learn that skin on skin is the best way for parents to bond with their children, especially for you and your kids.

    You are a wonderful mother and Anonymous up there ^ should mind their own business. You aren't bathing with your year old son.

  7. Anonymous, are you freaking kidding me?!

    My fondest memories are of bath time with my mom. It's not a disgusting experience – it is beautiful and natural – whether she was on her period or not.

    Although I may not have my own kid, I will definitely bath with my children to show them what it is to be openly naked and safe.

    I feel sad for you.

  8. Melinda you are a fabulous mommy, and the bond that you have with Emma will be stronger because of the quality time you spend together in the bath. I bath with Lily every night and she showers with Shaun sometimes as well. Nudity is nothing to be ashamed of, what a silly remark anon. And honestly if you want to criticize, be honest about it and tell us your name

  9. Anonymous. Are you even a parent? You obviously have NO idea how to care for a child. Melinda is a fantastic mother, second-to-none. My two sons (aged 2 and 4) bath with both me and my husband and it's PERFECTLY NORMAL. An attitude like yours will only lead to a child fearing his or her own body. Go and find another blog to troll. We all LOVE Melinda and we DO NOT WANT YOU HERE. Also, if you're going to post a comment like this, have the balls to use your actual name.

  10. Dear Anonymous,
    The Victorian era called, they want their repression back. Melinda is socialising her child to know that the changes that will happen to her will be normal and natural, instead of something to fear. Even if you do disagree, perhaps consider disagreeing in a more mature fashion?

  11. Heres one for you Anon.

    I let my 5 year old boy child bath with his 2.5 year old SISTER! Shock and horror!!

    My husband and I also walk around naked, let the kids watch us bath and the kids have even seen us kiss while we are naked!! *gasp*

    Both my children are well adjusted, happy, social, well mannered, enthusiastic, compassionate kids.

    Melinda, you are a role model for me. You love your kids unconditionally and they love you. You are winning at this parenting gig no doubt! Keep on doing what you are doing!!!!

  12. Oh anonymous…i didnt grow up in an open family and wish i did. My hubby did. He is 32 and still will go into the bathroom when his mom is bathing. hes the only man i know that doesnt even look at porn or nudie pics. He has no desire. Im a breast cancer survivor and he loves my scarred damaged breasts more now than ever before. I still dont get it.. I respect him for that. He respects a womans body and the woman herself and does not find nudity sexual in a family manner. Sure it was weird when we started dating 15 years ago but now i see how it has help him mature.

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