Okay it wasn’t a closet. It was a cupboard. And he didn’t so much come out as fall out. Life with Ben is interesting to say the least and I’m not sure if it’s the genetic difference between boys and girls but I don’t remember Emma being as, let’s say, busy!

Last week he launched himself into the swimming pool. He didn’t fall in. He didn’t kinda sorta trip over his own feet and land in the mass of water. He stood there, next to me, looking at what I thought was his reflection. Instead he was reflecting whether he’d like to do a Michael Thorpe type dive or a David Hasselhoff Baywatch belly flop. He clearly made up his mind which one it was going to be and off he went.

The other day I came home and he had a huge bump on his head. He had apparently been riding his bike but then decided mounting the wire-haired terrier would be much more fun. The wire-haired wanted nothing to do it, turned and snapped at Ben and Ben toppled head first onto the concrete floor.

I’m not sure if he’s super smart, super busy or super naughty but he’s a great little character to have around the house and he seems to do things to get a reaction. He’ll put Emma’s wellies on and dance around the house. He’ll run on the lawn and gently fall onto the ground on purpose because he knows we laugh at him.At night I ask him if it’s bedtime and he shouts ‘yessssth’ unless he doesn’t think it is. Then he shouts ‘NO!’ He sneaks up on me and bites me on the leg. And then roars with laughter. He doesn’t bite anyone else. Except tonight. Emma was lying with a blanket over her, just her toes sticking out and he went straight for the big one and sunk his gnashers into it.

Life with Ben is interesting and I know I get to look like one of THOSE moms who can’t control their children. But who wants to control such a free spirit anyway?

This is one of my favourite videos EVER!


6 thoughts on “Ben came out of the closet today

  1. I've noticed a huge difference between my two which I put down to the difference in sexes. This was confirmed by a grandmother who, watching Aidan being super busy while his sister and cousins (all girls) were playing quietly, commented 'I had forgotten what little boys are like'.

  2. I should say personality. My boy is such a quiet little guy, almost like an old man on his couch watching TV all the time whereas my little girl Daina insists to sleep in the closet. When we went to Disneyland, Hoonie just wanted to shopping and watch shows, NO RIDES! Daina wanted to ride EVERYTHING! and fell fast asleep at all the shows.

    Or maybe it is because they are the 2nd ones, 1st ones never needed to try hard to get attention but 2nd ones, I must say, they really need to act out to get some with such strong competitor around all the time.

  3. He is a live wire! I love that about boys…but then again I have 5 grandsons and one grand daughter and she probably initiates most of the mischief they get into. Stefan who lives with us has a huge love for the pantry and we dare not leave the door open. Enjoy your little man, you wouldn't want it any other way.

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