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This past weekend I had a party that I needed to do for a gorgeous little girl turning two. Emma had her ‘bestie’s’ party as well and there was no way in Hades she was missing out. So poor dad had the job of taking Emma, Ben and one of Emma’s little friends to celebrate Tanna turning another year new.

While I was busy setting up, knee deep in tissue paper pom poms and sweets I kept getting messages. “Do I need to pack water for Ben?”, “Must it be tap water or boiled water?”, “How many nappies do I need?”, “What are those smelly packet thingymabobs you pack?”, “Where do I find those smelly packet thingymabobs?”, “There’s only 5 wet wipes left! Do I need another pack?” And that’s when I realised all the advice for babies is aimed at moms. What about poor dad? He’s a part of this too, isn’t he?

There are lists for moms of what to pack for the big day and loads of to-have’s for the nursery, the changing area, the first bath, the first poo, the first whatever. And poor dad. All he knows (from the movies of course) is to have a cigar handy.

So while your packing your hospital bag with newborn clothes and nappies, have one ready for dad-to-be and have them both ready in the passageway, close to the door for on your way out. Here are a few items to include:

– camera, laptop, chargers. Oh and dad can start drafting an email to family and friends about the new arrival. Once baby arrives all he’ll have to do is attach pics and videos

– his favourite pillow and his favourite coffee cup

– snacks! and more snacks!

– toiletries – basic bathroom necessities

– change of clothes – just in case you need to stay nearby for a day or two

– magazines, kindle, newspapers

– watch or stopwatch. It’ll make him feel useful timing contractions or telling you how many hours you’ve been in labour for

– tennis balls. Sounds odd, but they make for a great massage tool. While he’s standing around telling you how to push and breathe he can massage your feet, hands and back with these handy little things. Of course you can always tell him where he can stick them when he’s telling you how easy this labour thing is

– blanket. Make sure it’s a favourite and big enough to cuddle under for both of you

– gift for mom and baby. Always a winner

– coins and smaller notes for vending machines or canteen areas

– something, anything to do. It’ll keep him occupied while the time (slowly) passes

– a car seat to take baby home in

And there you have it. Finally a list for dads. You’re welcome xxx

And now for the giveaway! Huggies is giving two readers of my blog a hamper with nappies, wipes and a cute Huggies t-shirt

In order to stand a chance of winning I want to know from you what you’d suggest dad-to-be takes along…leave your comment below. Can’t wait to see what your suggestions are


5 thoughts on “What about dad? Tips and a giveaway from Huggies

  1. I would have to say, make sure all the cars are full of petrol / diesel when approaching due date, you never know 🙂
    Earphones! Need them for the tv in hospital and if you want to listen to music on you phone… helps kill time.
    Snacks – like biltong and chips, just not something with a strong smell. And a water bottle.
    Otherwise think you have covered most things 🙂

  2. I think strength and patience. Process of having a baby, whether natural or adoption, takes lots from a person. Healthy snacks to get the energy levels going, phone charger, plug, ipod (music), wallet with all the necessary financial cards and medical, camera with fully charged batteries

  3. Snacks, cooldrinks and music playlist are musts! If it's a first baby, instead of his favourite mug how about surprising him with a new one that says 'hello dad' or something similar.

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