This is one giveaway I’ve been so excited about. And I hope you are too. You see I, I mean Emma, loves everything Lalaloopsy. From the moment I, I mean Emma first laid her eyes on one.

I, I mean Emma (from now let’s assume that the ‘I’ and the ‘Emma’ in this post are interchangeable) love their quirkiness, their individuality, their outfits and the little pets they come with. We’ve got a mermaid that we bath with, and a funny haired we play with. We have one for the car and one for bedtime. We’ve got an everyday one and a special occasion one and we’ve got the short haired one…

Lalaloopsy dolls are magical. The story goes that they were once rag dolls who came to life when their very last stitch was sewn. Their houses are askew, their animals are different sizes and colours and is everything made from fabric, buttons and thread. They live in a colourful, silly world and with the love of a special owner their magic goes on forever.

You could win your very own Lalaloopsy Doll from Prima Toys. And she’s such a special one! Pickles B.L.T. was sewn on 21st May from a waitress’ uniform. She’s a fast talker, with no time to spare and calls everyone ‘Sugar’. She carries lots of plates at once, even though she drops them. Her pet is a cute hot dog

Pickles was sewn on 21st May, which is a National Holiday. Is it:
(A) National Mother Goose Day
(B) Lost Sock Memorial Day
(C) National Waiter and Waitresses Day
(D) No Dirty Dishes Day
Good luck! Oh and you also have to like Prima Toys’ Facebook Page (yes, we check)

23 thoughts on “Win a gorgeous Lalaloopsy Doll from Prima Toys

  1. My little girl loves her Lalaloopsy's! The answer is C) National Waiter and Waitresses Day. 🙂

  2. YAY! It is here 🙂 I have been waiting very patiently for this competition.

    Answer is (C) National Waiter and Waitresses Day
    Facebook page liked

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