This is a release from Huggies. I haven’t been paid for this post but we’re a Huggies home, from the day Emma arrived

How many moms chase their babies around the house trying to convince them to get their nappies changed? The little ones are always busy, making it a challenging experience to get them to lie down for a nappy change. For moms who want another option, there is a solution. This is where Huggies® Gold Slip-On Nappy pants provides a welcome (and peaceful) alternative, allowing mom to change a nappy, whether baby is standing up or lying down.

Not only does this make nappy changing quick and simple, it is also practical with unique patented re-sealable sides that open and close, making it easy to put on or take off the nappy. The experience adds to baby’s comfort, with a super stretchy waistband, making it effortless to pull the nappy up or down. Best of all, moms can relax, knowing that Huggies® Gold Slip-Ons are as absorbent as the regular Huggies® Gold nappy. Little ones can also enjoy the cute Disney designs on the front and back of the nappy.

To enjoy the nappy experience even further, Huggies® is presenting delightful puppet shows at various crèches as well as at Moms & Tots and Clamber Club around the country. The puppeteers treat mom and baby to a charming story about a mom trying to change her squirmy baby’s nappy. Moms get the opportunity to find out the outcome to the story and also to try out the nappy with samples which are handed out to mom at these events.

Moms can also look out for in-store promoters at selected Clicks, Pick ‘n Pay, Reggies, Baby City, Toys R Us and Checkers stores and they will also be handing out samples, while stocks last. Huggies® Gold Slip-On Nappy pants are available in three sizes – size 4 (9 – 14kgs), size 5 (14 – 18kgs) and size 6 (17kgs or more).

With Huggies® Gold Slip-On Nappy Pants, baby is free to explore the world, making mom’s job a little easier, enabling her to take a break, secure in the knowledge of having the convenience of a nappy which does not interrupt play, allowing both mom and the little one more time to do the things that really count.


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