Last night I was feeling incredibly low.

For no particular reason other than I felt like I was wearing a huge coat of sadness.

Over the last few weeks I have heard of friends and colleagues losing loved ones. I’ve lost friends to sudden and unnecessary deaths and of course there was news of the Boston Marathon Bombing.

Unless you’re made of steel, life just seems a little too much sometimes. Out of the blue I got a message from a dear friend of mine, it simply read ‘you are amazing. never forget that!’ It was unsolicited, unexpected and so very much appreciated.

I think in our hurly burly day to day lives we forget to tell those special to us that we love them, that we’re thinking of them and that they mean a heck of a lot to us.

I often watch Emma with her friends. Whether she saw them a day, a week or a month ago, she has this OTT, Hollywood unscripted greeting. Arms wide open, screeches and shrieks of delight, legs galloping across the lawn to get to the friend as quickly as possible.

There’s embraces and words of happiness. There’s compliments about the shoes they’re wearing or their t-shirt.
I love watching these sincere displays of affection.

And I often wonder how it would be to walk into the office and be greeted with such enthusiasm or on meeting friends for a coffee to have them jump up and down in excitement because you’ve arrived. Or getting a message telling you you’re loved, thought of, appreciated.

Recently a friend of mine passed away. Someone I had known since 1997. His death was untimely and tragic and he died alone. And what eats away at me is that I never told him how much he meant to me. And I’ll never get that chance again. I put off coffee dates because I thought there would always be ‘another day’. I didn’t return calls because I thought I’d get to it later. Later didn’t come.

Since he’s been gone people are talking about how amazing he was and how much he’s going to be missed. But I don’t think he heard this too often while he was around.

So from today I’m letting those near and dear to me know how much they mean to me. I’m not waiting to be gathered amongst friends and family at a funeral to say words that should have been said while the person was around.

Drop someone a message or an email. Tweet them, whatsapp them, Facebook them or even better, call them. It’ll take a few minutes out of your day and it won’t cost you a thing. Do it because you want to. Do it just because…


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