Today, reading a few of the blogs I follow, they’re discussing ‘ethical’ blogging, which simply means whether bloggers should disclose when a post is ‘paid for’ either in money or in free goods. The same with tweets and I suppose it would apply to Facebook too.

I’ve been blogging since July 2011. I decided I had a story to tell when Emma had reached a ‘doable’ age. Prior to that she was little blob of cuteness that ate, slept, cried, slept, ate, pooped, ate, slept, pooped, cried. Then, as now, I figured it wouldn’t make for a very interesting read. Even if I added loads of adjectives and adverbs.

To date I’ve reached a number of readers and followers I’m proud of. Most have become friends and I now enjoy writing for them, as much as for me. I think hope the people who take time out of their already overloaded, hectic days, to read my blog, do so because some posts are funny, some are sad, some are a little ‘out there’ but always, over and above everything else, my posts are honest.

Brands and products are becoming wise to the power of the blogger and I get approached regularly to attend events, write posts on said events or on products. And my stance has always been that if I would use the product, allow my children to use if I happily recommend it to my friends, then I will happily write about it.

***I was once approached by a food company to do a review on some stuff. I let them know that I’d let Emma try it out and take it from there. They assured me they wanted an honest post. Emma hated the product. I wrote a post. Not saying exactly that, but definitely not singing its praises. I received a rather ugly mail back from person, assuring me they would never be sending me stuff again***

And I’m fine with that. I didn’t start blogging for free goodies. Nor did I think of it as a revenue stream. But it has become that. To a small degree. But first and foremost I maintain my integrity and credibility. So if you see a post that reads SPONSORED it means I’ve gotten product to try out and review or I’ve been given stuff to do a giveaway with or the brand advertises on my blog.

So to make it official I’ve taken the THE PLEDGE


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