you know that saying ‘fools rush in’? Well, I might very well be THAT fool. I’ve set up an online shop, which will I’ll be busy up over the next few weeks / months.

It’s called PRETTY THINGS FOR YOU. AND YOU AND YOU and will sell all things pretty. From toys and gifts, to party goodies, like cups, plates, bunting, party favours and a whole lot more.

Also, I have a load of stuff that I’ve bought over the last three and a bit years for Emma and Ben’s parties, so if you’re in the JHB area and you want to hire anything, just let me know.

Because I love all things party (just the idea of them makes me squee) I’m happy to help you source things, throw ideas around and help wherever I can.

Feel free to drop me a mail, to say hi, to bounce ideas around or to chat. Would love to hear from you



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