While doing my degree years ago I worked at a study centre, helping kids with extra lessons. There was a little Lebanese girl by the name of Madonna and more often than not she had me in stitches.

Like the time I asked what an ‘adjective’ was. She jumped out of her chair with excitement, hand in the air. “I know miss! I know!” “Yes Madonna. What is it?” “An adjective, miss, is a half man, half horse!”

Well if that’s an adjective then I’m an adverb – half man half woman. I do not own a single pair of high heels. For both my weddings I wore slip slops. Pretty ones, but still, they were slip slops. The only time I’ve had nail polish in the house was in high school. To stop the ladders in my stockings from running.

Oh and I might have had a scrunchie when I grew my hair. But that’s it. So you can imagine my horror and fear when Emma suddenly started liking Barbie. And now she’s asking for a Barbie party.

I’m a no can do froo froo kinda gal but this is a Barbie party I could live with…


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