Last night Emma and I were having one of our very serious conversations. I think. There were times I felt like I was in the twilight zone but nevertheless.

She was telling me she had done Dance Mouse at school. I asked her if any of her friends did it with her and she said yes. She even mentioned which of her friends danced like mouses with her. I asked if her she’d like to do the dance of the mouse this year, instead of Be Sharp Beetles and she kinda yelledwhined ‘no mom, I did it today!’

This is when I realised that my little Emma still hasn’t quite gotten her head around the concept of time . If Emma asks me if she can watch something on TV for ‘just two minutes’ there’s a good chance that an hour later she’ll still be asking to watch two minutes more. If Emma needs something from me urgently and I ask for ‘just two minutes’, 30 seconds later (and every five seconds thereafter) I’m saying “my two minutes aren’t up yet”.

So, back to our conversation last night. I asked Emma which of her friends did Dance Mouse and she mentioned two. I asked her which of the two friends are older and also where she is in terms of age. It’s a good way for me to get Emma to think about things. So if she says friend ONE is five and friend TWO is three, I then ask who’s older and who’s younger. I also ask if friend ONE is five then how many years older is she than Emma, etc (Just so you know, this is the closest I get to maths).

She was happy to tell me how old friend TWO is but for friend ONE Emma said she ‘didn’t have a number’. She then asked me what my ‘number’ is

Me – ooooooh, Emmy, my number’s big

Emma – ooooooooooh, how big mom?

Me – I’m 40 Emma. FORTY!

Emma – oooooooh that is big. And then you’ll be three like me (proof of my no concept of time, age)

Me – no Emma. I was three a long long long time ago

Emma – oh! S I L E N C E thinkthinkthinkthink  ponder PONDER ponder. Mom I’ve got four dogs. They’re my pets

Me – yes there’s Chloe, Jagga, Binah and Basco

Emma – mom did you have pets when you were little like me?

Me – yes I did. My pet’s name was Timmy

Emma – laughing hysterically….Timmy’s a funny name for a dinosaur!

me and my pet dinosaur WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAy back when

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