I look at Emma and I get excited at the opportunities that lie ahead for her. The world is her oyster and she has diamonds on the soles of her shoes.

I dream of her being our president one day. I see her on Broadway and in magazines. One day I’ll proudly tell people that that’s my daughter as she receives her Noble Peace Prize. Emma is smart and savvy. She, if we plan properly financially, has endless opportunities. Of course, there is also a myriad of careers that don’t even exist yet, which might interest her.

Her path ahead is unmapped and for her it’s a road to be traveled. Mark wants her to be a doctor or a paediatrician. He’s told her there’s a shortage of dermatologists so she needs to think about that. I’ve told her that she can be whatever she wants. An entrepreneur, a performer, a creative. A thinker, a doer.

A while back if you asked Emma what she wanted to be when she grew up she’d say ‘I want to be Emma!’ And that’s a good reply. I want her to be herself too. I want her to find her place in the world and own it. And love it. More recently she’s said she wants to be a princess. Preferably a Disney one. Which was ok. For a while.

Then we saw the movie ‘Brave’ and she wanted to be Merida. Also fine for me. A fiery young girl who changes and shapes her destiny. Yup, I can live with Emma wanting to be that.

But her aspirations seemed to have changed overnight. This morning I overheard her having a conversation with someone. The person asked her what she wants to be one day. A nurse? A fireman? A teacher? “No!” says Emma. “I want to be a Pollen Jock, just like in The Bee Movie!”

Yes people, Hollywood lets you BEE anything you want to BEE…


2 thoughts on “What do you wanna BEE one day?

  1. I love this! Every parent should want their child to be the best they can be. I think it is sad when parents pressure their children to be what the parents want them to, rather than be the individual they are.

  2. Oh I adore this. I actually blog what they want to be every year or so and it's great looking back. However my 8 year old has been talking about being a Vet now for 4 years so I wonder if that will ever change?

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