When you reach a certain age and your stretch marks have stretch marks and your areola is more of a hairyola you realise life’s too short.

When people tell you to lift your chins up and natural lubrication is no longer an option, you know life’s too short. When even you can’t locate your G spot any more you sure as dammit know life’s too short.

When your boobs drag on your knees and your knees drag on the floor you know life’s too short.

Life’s too short for arguing, for worrying about leaving the house without makeup and for worrying about what people think. Go braless, just one day. It’s liberating.

It’s too short for resealable chocolate slabs and non alcoholic champagne. It’s very short to worry about wrinkles and laugh lines. They tell a story of the highs and lows, ups and downs of your life. Without them you haven’t lived.

Make that one phone call to a friend, have that conversation with a pal, real or imaginary, because life’s too short not to. Tell those around you you love them, give compliments freely and take criticism lightly. Because life’s too short to do things any other way.

Forget Facebook for a day and ‘friend’ someone IRL. Forego your Twitter TL and rather get out there and mingle. As great as the friends in your phone or computer are, guaranteed they’re even better face to face. Life’s just too short to live behind a screen.

Life’s too short to worry and worrying will shorten it further. Life’s too short for new year’s resolutions, rather do what you want when you want. And don’t when you don’t.

There’s never a better time to use your outside voice inside, run around in the nude and jiggle your jiggly bits. Life’s so short you won’t be able to run around soon.

Life’s just too short!


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