I love Christmas. Especially now that we have Emma to share it with. Of course there’s Ben too but at the moment he’s a little too squishy to understand it all.

This has been the first year that Emma’s helped me decorate our tree and as is her style, she was congratulating me on the job we were doing.

There were exclamations of “this is a beautiful tree!” and “mom, you’re doing so well!”. I even got a “mom, you’re very clever putting THAT decoration THERE!”

I also bought a very pretty tree decoration from my favourite shop in the whole world, In Good Company because I’m hoping to start a tradition in our family. Every year a beautiful decoration will be bought for our tree and one day when she’s a mom herself, Emma will have a box filled with gorgeous ornaments and special memories.

When we had finished our tree and were sipping on our teas, surveying our work, I couldn’t quite put my finger on the feeling I was experiencing. But then I got it. It was absolute contentment and the feeling of love, having finally decorated a Christmas tree with my very own daughter. A dream come true.

I’d love to see your Christmas trees too. Please feel free to send a pic to melinda dot Connor AT gmail dot com and I’ll post them on my blog



2 thoughts on “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours

  1. Love your decorations and your tree!
    We also have a tradition where the kids are each allowed to choose one special decoration for the tree ever year, in hopes that in ten years from now it will be filled with special memoribilia and make putting up the tree extra special as a family.

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