Every year, without fail, I make sure I do something special for Mark, the birthday boy.

Last year Emma and I waited for him to go to bed and then we decked the house with birthday wishes bunting. We were going to blow up balloons but we didn’t. I’m scared of them popping and I can’t tie those teeny tiny knots in the stupid bloody things. But we had cupcakes for breakfast. Emma’s idea of course and met with friends for lunch.

The year before that I might have sent him on a treasure hunt and the year before that we celebrated his 40th.

But today is Mark’s birthday and I have failed dismally. Sick children, a sick me, a tight schedule and an even tighter budget have all left me unprepared to make his birthday as special as he is. Mark loves fiercely and deeply. He has loved me at my best, my worst and my clinically insane. He adores his children and leads by example. He shows them love, respect, tenderness and compassion by the way he loves me.

My love, I am so sorry I haven’t pulled out all the stops this year. I feel horrible that I haven’t made your day as wonderful as it should be.

So, for now my angel, all I have are words to tell you just how very much we love you. I could quote Shakespeare or Deepak Chopra, but that’s not quite me. It’s not quite us. So let me tell you, in my own sweet way, with a little help from Emma, just how very loved you are on your birthday…and every other day of the year.

You are the needle to my record, the Simon to my Garfunkel. You are the electro to my eighties and the Daft to my Punk.

You are my song that I sing out of tune and the bass to my drum. I love you more than Robert Smith loves hair product and as much as Vince Clark loves his mom.

You are the Will to my Good Hunting and the Forest to my Gump. For you I’d happily walk a Green Mile. You are the record that spins me round, right round. You’re the love to my pride and you’re what my heart yearns for now.

Here’s wishing you a very happy birthday my angel. May your year ahead be blessed and filled with adventures and may all your dreams come true. Each and every one.

By the way, when I asked Emma what we should get you as a present, she suggested an elephant or a dinosaur. Watch this space…


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