If you, like me, are needing a bit of TLC to get through the final two months of 2012 I suggest you take a minute to enter this giveaway, courtesy of the wonderful Tracey at Pure Hair in Craighall Park.

I have three vouchers to give away for a relaxing treatment that will leave you energized and feeling like new. The session with Tracey includes a balancing Himayalan salt foot bath with organic oils of ginger and eucalyptus, a neck massage and a unique experience with the three-metal Ayvredic bowl which balances the body energy and detoxifies the body.

This is finished off with a lavender foot lotion.

This treatment will leave you feeling balanced, grounded and ready to have another day, with a smile on your face!

Because we’re trying to keep this as stress free as possible we’re making it real easy to win! All you you have to do is SHOUT your name out here!

PS a voucher from Tracey makes the perfect gift…


33 thoughts on “Need a bit of RELAX time? Win a spa treatment

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