There are a few things in life I wish I was. Like 6.5 feet tall, buxomy, blonde and French. I have also wished that I was a doctor, a model or a published writer. In fact I’ve often wished I was all three, strutting down the ramp, stethoscope around neck while signing autographs for my New York bestseller. But more than anything I wish I was organized. Like The Stiletto Mum.

She has single handledly organized and co-ordinated what is easily the BIGGEST Secret Santa to date. And I am in awe.

I received an email from aforementioned MISS ORGANIZER of the year stating that if I don’t get my A into G there’s a very good chance I might get a bag of coal. So I’m quickly putting my list of ‘wants’, ‘needs’ and ‘oooooooh gotta to have that’s’ together.

Let me quickly add that the secret santa shoppers have a much easier job this year with the new TYPO store that’s opened up. It’s a one stop shopping heaven for lovers of stationary stationery stationaery pens, pencils, journals and pretty things. It’s a shop filled with stuff you don’t really need but that you really really want.

So, to my Secret Santa, feel free to pop into Typo and buy me anything from there. Below are a few pics of the BEEEEEOOOOOTIFUL store, which I’ve ‘loaned’ from I Want That. Because, um, I Want That…


 PS while you’re there get a little something for yourself x


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