Summertime and the livin’ is easy
The sun is high and the wind’s breezy
Tots are swimming in a pool so blue
Tots are screaming, there’s a floating poo

[Original lyrics by Louis Armstrong. This version is mine]

Emma goes to swimming lessons once a week. The rules for getting into the pool are sunblock, Huggies® Little Swimmers nappy and loads of enthusiasm. Emma no longer has to wear a nappy because she’s ‘pool-trained’ but some of her swimming buddies, not so much.

This Tuesday I was horrified to hear a little person say to Emma “Look at my Willy Le Poo”. I was even more horrified to see it was a little girl. Why has she got a ‘willy’? Why does she have a poo?  and why does she want to show Emma either?

Thankfully when I turned around to see exactly what was going on, I saw Emma’s favourite swimming friend showing her the Winnie the Pooh on her Little Swimmers nappy…

The swimming nappies, that look just like a swimming costume, from Huggies®, are South Africa’s only disposable swell-proof swim pants which means the kids won’t get weighed down in the water  and the nappy’s not going to suck up half the pool water. They come in small (7-12kg), medium (11 – 15kg) and large (14kg plus) and they’re re-usable.

If you’re spending time at the pool or by the sea, make sure you’ve got your Huggies® Little Swimmers with you because no one wants to see a ‘turdle’ floating past, no matter how cute…

Thanks to the good people at Huggies® I’ve got two hampers to give away. Each hamper includes a clothing voucher to the value of R300, a R300 Pick ‘n Pay voucher, 2 packs of Little Swimmers and Wipes
All you have to do is let me know you’ve been here. Leave your name, a symbol, an X or an XOXOXO….
Winners will be announced next week Friday


17 thoughts on “No ‘turdles’ allowed

  1. I've been here!. They had to shut down the pool in my complex when someone else was also there. That mom obvs didn't know about Huggies swimmers. X

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