Soon homes around the country are going to be echoing with the sounds of ‘mom, we’re bored’ and frustrated moms suggesting that kids play in the traffic.

Yup, school holidays are around the corner and the pressure’s on to find things that will keep the kids entertained and out of your hair.

Why not visit the People’s Theatre in Braamfontein? I’ve taken Emma to see The Gingerbread Man and The Tales of Peter Rabbit and both times she’s loved it. Ben and I invariably end up sitting outside but I still hear the young and enthusiastic audience cheering, booing, clapping and singing along.

Just in time for the holidays, Disney’s The Little Mermaid is coming to life, and it’s guaranteed to be a blast for the whole family. Starting on the 5th November, the show runs until the 23rd of December.

The theatre is intimate so there’s no ‘bad’ seat in the house and even the littlest of littlies can see the stage. All ages are welcome and the shows are produced with short attention spans in mind.


I’m giving away 3 sets of four tickets to see the Little Mermaid. You can enter here or on Facebook. Whatever’s easiest for you.

To win you need to tell me which of the quotes below is from The Little Mermaid:

a. Fish are friends, not food
b. The seaweed is always greener in somebody else’s lake
c. He trips underwater. Now who in the halibut trips underwater?

Is it a, b or c? You tell me!

Winners will be drawn on Monday, 5th November…good luck, I’ll be holding fins x


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