This is a product review and yes, my kids looked ubercool

It’s not often I can say I’m as cool as some celeb moms and dads, but thanks to Melinda at Queck Baby I’m so hot right now with Emma and Ben’s Babiators.

Emma, like me, loves her shades, but like any mom with a conscience I worry about the potential damage to her eyes. And the way she manhandles them. We’ve been through about 40 pairs because she manages to pull the ear bits off or scratch them or pop the lenses out or bend them until they snap.

Not with these uber cool shades!

They’re safe,

awesome and


So durable that there’s a guarantee on them IF your kid breaks them or loses them! Who does that? Who guarantees a free replacement within a year of purchase should your child break or lose something?

So now, along with Jack Osborne, Sarah Jessica Parker, Hilary Duff, Mariah Carey and Jennifer Garner’s kids, my babies are also rocking their sunnies…


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