Dear app makers

I’m big on apps. I mean who isn’t? But how about creating a few apps that are aimed at moms to make our lives a little easier?

Here are a few of my suggestions. Use them. Don’t. It’s ‘app’ to you

Remember –
This is an essential app for moms on the go. It not only lists what you need to take with you when leaving the house but alerts you to any of the essentials you might have forgotten

Find… –
Another essential app to find IT. And IT could be anything from the last puzzle piece to a Tinkerbell flip-flop. It would also help locate dummy, wet wipes, spoon, favourite bottle teat, lost toddler, keys and car

It’s not inside, it’s on top –
This could be a difficult one to create but it would be very popular. It would be for those moments when you’re getting into the car and you’ve left something on the roof, whether it’s car keys, a cafe latte, your cell phone, baby’s dummy, parking ticket or the baby itself

Toilet alert –
An app needing very little explanation. It would alert you way in advance when toddler’s going to need a bathroom break. An even better app would tell you as toddler’s bladder or colon fills and when it’s about to empty

Where am I? –
For those sleepless nights, this app would tell you what day of the week it is, where you are and where you need to be

To Be Exact –
An app to help you when you’re about to lay a guilt trip on the kids. It would calculate and update the amount of grey hairs or wrinkles since having children and those stressful moments they cause. Instead of saying “You see these grey hairs? You caused them!” You can now throw in the exact amount, like “You see these 23 grey hairs? They’re from when you disappeared in the shopping mall!” or “Yes I have wrinkles! And you’ve just added another three. To be exact!”

What kind of a poo are you? –
An app that would be especially useful when changing a nappy while half asleep or in the dark. As you open the pooey parcel you will be alerted to whether the poo’s a runner or just a few bunny pellets

Mommy Polo –
This app would be super duper helpful when you’re trying to hide from the kids. As the child approaches the beeping will get louder, allowing you to find a new hiding spot or to stay put where you are

Random answers / random questions –
The perfect app to assist with random answers for those random questions, like ‘why are clouds fluffy?’ or ‘why is poo brown?’

Identify it –
Another app for those moments when you’re so exhausted you can’t see properly. Easy to use (and to find) ‘Identify it’ would be able to notify you whether what you’re about to put in your mouth is a choc chip or a kazinkle nut. It would also tell you whether the puddle on the floor is fruit juice or pee

The lie detector –
For those moments when your favourite ornament has been broken or someone’s dialed China on your cellphone. Instead of waiting for the culprit to admit to the ‘crime’ the lie detector would be able to pick up on facial expressions, body language and change in heart beat

On my way –
By yelling at the phone “I’m on my way” this app would notify friends, colleagues, school teachers and family that you’re running late. It would format information from your calendar and send an SMS to those you’re keeping waiting. The catch is you would need to remember to put appointment in calendar. This is where ‘Remember’ could be used as well

These are just a few suggestions app makers. Feel free to let your imagination run wild

Kind regards


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