My precious Emma

It’s been a while since I’ve written you a letter and at the moment I am in awe of the little person you’re becoming so I thought it’s time I let you know how much I love being your mom.

There is never a dull moment with you, whether I’m trying to diffuse a tantrum or laughing at your antics, you are awesome to be around.

There is a maturity to you far beyond your three and a half years. You are very aware of people’s feelings and seem to know how to respond to them. You are affectionate and loving, kind and generous. Often if we’re out with friends of all the kiddies there you’re the only one happy to share with everyone else.

You are spirited and lively and sometimes it’s a little overwhelming for me and dad. We want you to be feisty and confident but for now that feistiness isn’t always easy to deal with.

This past weekend I received the best compliments ever from people who know us well. I was told that you suit our personalities perfectly and that I’d be bored with a meek and mild little girl.

And I’ve got to agree. I love that you challenge me to be the best I can be every day, every moment. In a day I have to be able to swap roles and deal with a multitude of situations. I’m a negotiator, a mediator, a mom, a teacher, a listener, a clown and a very entertained spectator.

My heart goes all squishy and gooey when out of the blue I get a kiss, a cuddle and a whispered “love you mama”. I shine when you’re laughing and enjoying yourself. There is a sparkle in your eye that leaves me wondering if you stole a star or two on your way down.

You surprise me with your wit and ‘sassiness’, like yesterday when you said goodbye on your way to school. I’m used to getting a hug and a kiss but this time, out of the blue, you grabbed my cheeks between your fingers, gave them a tweak and said “who’s gonna miss me? WHO’S GOING TO MISS ME?” I sat there after you had left thinking ‘where the heck did that come from?’ but I loved it and it left me smiling all day.

I swell with pride when people say we look alike. I love that we are two peas in a pod. You bring out the little girl in me that I never got to be, and you make being a mom an adventure, even though there are times when you leave me a little flustered, with hands in the air thinking I have no idea what I’m doing.

And at the end of the day when I feel defeated by this mommy thing you make it all okay. We lie in bed and you give me cuddles. You kiss my cheeks, eyes, nose, lips, forehead and chin. There are times you have me tickling your tummy and dad your back and when we ask you if it’s nice you answer “it’s wonderful!” And when it’s time to close our eyes I say thank you for an awesome day and I tell you I love you and you, with eyes already closed and a little smile on your face, reply “I love you mama”.

On Saturday we celebrated little Mika turning one and Nicki over at One Of The Boys sent me a photo of you. I haven’t stopped looking at it. The absolute joy on your face and the gleam in your eyes is contagious. You are in the moment and loving it.

Emma there is an indescribable light that shines from within you and it brightens the way for me, dad and those who know you. There is something celestial about you, something heavenly. It’s as if you were truly sent by angels.

My hope is that you never lose your sense of wonder because you are wonderful. You are what I always hoped to be and even at 40, with saggy cheeks, flabby arms and greying hair, I’m hoping a little bit of your sparkle rubs off on me.

Emma you are the sticky to my glue, the flake to my ice cream, the lace to my shoe, the bristles to my brush. You are the clouds to my sky and the beat to my drum. But above all, you are the happy ending to my book.

Love you bigger than an elephant’s bum,

Mama xxx


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